Hi! I’m Kristine


A wife, mom, and dog lover.

My professional journey began as a registered nurse, specializing in Oncology, Home Health & Hospice, from staff nursing to upper management with a sprinkling of part-time nursing roles along the way.

But how did an RN venture into the realm of Marketing & Social Media? Good question, and I'm glad you're curious.

My first exposure to marketing happened unexpectedly. Only three years into nursing, I found myself at a round table meeting with potential investors for the home health company I worked for. Picture me, a nurse in scrubs, amidst a room full of suits. Surprisingly, it went off without a hitch. I confidently discussed our services, drawing from my deep understanding of patients and their needs.

Post-meeting, the company's VP praised me and inquired about my Dale Carnegie training. My reply? "Thanks, but who's Dale Carnegie?"

Though flattered, I considered myself a nurse, not a salesperson. Or so I thought.

Fast-forward through various nursing leadership roles, I decided on a change. That Dale Carnegie comment had piqued my interest in marketing. I delved into social media and marketing, eager to understand how these tools could transform businesses globally. Years of reading, courses, and study followed. I even crafted a business plan, designed branding, and immersed myself in a supportive community.

Then, fear struck. I hesitated, a familiar experience for many.

A fellow nurse contemplated a career shift to real estate. Our conversation sparked an idea – that’s like having your own business. With a two-second thought, I leaped into real estate. I completed courses, exams, and even state board exams in a matter of months.

Funny how life circles back. My real estate journey led me to teach fellow agents about social media, eventually landing me a social media manager role at a brokerage. While still selling houses, social media became my forte.

After years in real estate, I embraced the realization that I held a wealth of social media and marketing expertise. In 2018, I launched TimeTo Social Media LLC.

Now, I help healthcare and wellness businesses flourish online by sharing my marketing and social media savvy – a testament that sometimes, the scenic route leads right where you need to be.


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